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Herbal tea has always had a special place in our hearts & our lives and, having studied herbs for many years, we knew how beneficial they are for animals too. Our furry friends need a break in their routine too, to relax, recharge or unwind. Put yourself in their paws : how would you feel if your only drink was just water? Plain water. Flat water. Tap water. Every day... Forever...
We set out to create special tea blends made just for dogs & cats and to introduce a whimsical tea time for pets... And thus Teapet began!

If you are already enjoying tea time, with Teapet you can now share this moment with your four legged companions!
Our uplifting herbal teas can be enjoyed any time and we love to work on new blends and ideas we cannot wait to share with you! We are honored to play a part with you in the creation of new moments and memories and hope you visit our salon often, we promise to keep it curious...